Creating an Autopilot Dynamic Device Group

In order to assign Autopilot profiles to devices in Intune you can create a group containing all Autopilot Devices which have been imported from your .CSV file. This is particularly useful for clients who only have one autopilot profile which they wish to apply to all imported devices.

Once you have imported your CSV file and synced the devices you are now at a stage where you need to create the device group which the autopilot profile will be assigned to.

Steps to Creating a Dynamic Device Group

Navigate to and sign in with your corporate credentials

Choose the Azure Active Directory Blade and Select Groups

Click New Group and Give the group a name of your choice i.e. Autopilot Devices

Select the following options:
Group Type: Security
Membership Type: Dynamic Device

Choose add dynamic query and choose advanced rule

Add the following text into the rule:

(device.devicePhysicalIDs -any _ -contains “[ZTDId]”)


Choose Add Query and then Create the Group.

If you now search for your group and click members you should see all of your Autopilot Devices.


Now that you have a group you can next assign your profile to the group.

In Intune navigate to Device Enrollment, Windows Enrollment, Deployment Profiles.

Select a Profile you have previously created and under assignments choose select group.

Select your group you have just created and click save. You have now successfully created a group for all Autopilot devices and assigned a default profile.

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