Co-Management in SCCM 1806

Co-Management in SCCM 1806

With the release of SCCM 1806 today (31/07/2018) there have been some great new features added for co-management. If you are unfamiliar with co-management it is a method of extending your configuration manager environment to Intune (Cloud Based) so that Windows 10 clients are managed by both Intune and SCCM and effectively getting the best of both worlds. You have the ability to move workloads between config manager and Intune using the Sliders in Configuration Manager. More details can be found at:

With every release of Configuration Manager there are constant improvements to co-management and things are really starting to take shape. See below the latest improvements in SCCM 1806.

New Co-Management Features:

  • 3 New Workloads have been addedDevice Configuration, Office 365 Deployments & Mobile Apps
  • You now have the ability to connect multiple SCCM environments to the SAME Intune Tentant
  • There is now a dashboard for the Cloud Management Gateway to assist with Usage and troubleshooting
  • Now a Cloud Management Gateway can also act as a Cloud Distribution Point (Previously you needed a separate Role)

You can find more details of other features at:

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