Deploy Office 365 with SCCM

In this post i will show you how to Deploy Office 365 in SCCM. Using SCCM 1706 you can now create and deploy an office 365 installer from within the SCCM Console. Under Software Library if you Navigate to Office 365 Client Management you will see the below

If you click office 365 Installer you will then be prompted with a window allowing you to specify a Name, Description and Content Location.

NOTE: The content location can be an empty folder on a share and SCCM will automatically download the setup files for you!

Click Next

Select whether you want to Manually specify the office installation settings or Import from a config file. In this instance I am going to manually specify

Choose the Suite (Office 365 ProPlus or Office 365 Business) and select which applications you would like to include and whether you require additional office products such as visio and project

Select the Architecture – 32/64 bit
Select which Channel you would like:
Current (Monthly)
Deferred (Semi-Annual)
First Release for Current (First Release of Monthly)
First Release for Deferred (First Release of Semi-Annual)
Select the Build (Select the latest unless there is a specific reason not to)

Choose whether to accept the EULA automatically, Autoactivate the software and Whether you want shared computer activation (for machines which are used by more than one person)

Click Next

Select whether to Deploy the Application straight away or whether you would like to complete this later

Once complete you will see the application has been created at the root of Applications. You can now distribute the content and deploy this to your collections.

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