Deploying Bookmarks to Personal Devices – Intune

The Scenario

In this scenario a company has a bunch of employees who are using personal devices which are not enrolled in Intune, instead being managed by app protection policies but would like to deploy some relevant bookmarks to the users device to help them carry out their duties.

Is this possible? Yes it is possible by creating and assigning an app configuration policy to a managed browser (Intune Managed Browser or Microsoft Edge)

The Process

I am making the assumption that you already have an app protection policy in place and assigned to your end users. If not take a look at this article

The first step is to open the Intune Portal and sign in with your Intune Administrator Credentials.

  • Navigate to Client Apps
  • Choose App Configuration Policies
  • Click Add


  • Enter a Name i.e. Managed Bookmarks
  • Device Enrollment Type – Managed Apps
  • Associated Apps – Choose Intune Managed Browser or Edge (Or Both) There will be 2 of each, one for iOS one for Android.
  • Click Ok


  • Choose Configuration Settings
  • Name –
  • Value – Name|||Contoso|

Note: The value is exactly the same for both Intune Managed browser and Microsoft Edge


  • Click Add to finish creating the Policy
  • Choose Assignments and assign the group of users you want to receive the policy


End User Experience

Intune Managed Browser

Upon downloading Intune Managed Browser from the app store and opening the app, the bookmarks immediately show up on the home screen of the browser.



The end user experience in edge is slightly different as it requires you to sign in with your corporate credentials and then navigate to favourites and you will see a folder containing the deployed bookmarks.

  • Sign in with Corporate Account


  • Choose the favourite’s icon at the top right


  • Click on the folder which has been created


  • You will now see the deployed bookmarks


Thank you for reading my first blog post of 2019. There will be plenty more to come!