Top Tip – How to restore your end users data when enrolling devices using Apple’s Device Enrollment Programme?

One of the most common questions we are hearing from organisations enrolling their iOS devices into Intune using DEP is “how do we restore our user data from a previous backup?”

Let’s first establish the scenario: your end users are already using their corporate iOS devices but these are all unsupervised. You wish to supervise your fleet to ensure you can take advantage of all the enhanced MDM functionality that is reserved for supervised mode. In order to achieve this you have decided to onboard into the Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) and re-enrol which you are aware in order to take affect, requires a factory reset. Before resetting you take a back up of the device to preserve the end users data, cross your fingers and then factory reset.

If the above sound’s like your organisation, do read on!

After restoring the backup via iTunes or iCloud in the Setup assistant you start encountering issues.

Issues may include but not limited to:

  • Completing the initial device setup without starting the DEP workflow.
  • Enrolling into the MDM solution however being unsupervised.
  • Policies/App deployments failing to deploy to the end users devices.

At this point you start to question if you have missed a step and spend tireless hours trying to find a resolution. Have no fear! you are not alone! You see, it only takes a few google searches to see that this is an issue that is plaguing MDM administrators across multiple MDM platforms.


So what gives?

When you restore a backup that you made from the same device, it applies the supervision and management settings from the backup. So if the device was unsupervised/not in DEP at the time of backup, the restore would revert the device to being unsupervised and not managed by Intune.


Rather than performing a restore at DEP enrolment, wait for the device to be fully enrolled and then perform a selective restore. (Settings > AppleID > iCloud) and select the data you wish to be restored.

So what data can we restore using this method?
















Games Centre



Find my iPhone

Apps downloaded from the app store

App config data from store apps


Restoring iCloud backup’s post enrolment is a great alternative
solution for organisations who wish to allow their end users to salvage their
own personal data without compromising the supervision state. Whilst not all
content can be restored for example, applications, this may provide the end
user with a good opportunity to do some much-needed housekeeping (Bye bye Angry

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Stewart McLaughlan

Stewart McLaughlan

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