Provision a Cloud PC in 5 minutes

In this post I am going to step through how to create a Cloud PC in Windows 365 in 5 minutes! There are multiple ways in which you can deploy a Cloud PC, some more complicated than others. I am going to run through the most simple configuration which requires minimal effort from the IT Administrator and within 5 minutes they will be provisioning a Cloud PC.

NOTE: Make sure you have already assigned the Windows 365 Licenses to the Users you will be targeting with a Provisioning Policy

First things first we want to login to the MEM Console > Devices > Windows 365

The option we are going to use requires no Azure Subscription and the Network (vNet) will be managed entirely by Microsoft. This is known as MS Hosted and supports Azure AD Join today.

Click on Provisioning Policies and Create a New Policy

Enter a Name for the Policy, Leave the Join Type as Azure AD Join, Network as Microsoft Hosted Network and Choose a Region from the list.

Click Next

Choose Gallery Image and then choose an image of your choice i.e. Windows 11 with Microsoft 365 Apps.

Click Next

Select the Language and Region Settings

Click Next

Assign the Policy to a User Group

Click Next

Review the Settings you have chosen and click Create

Now go to All Cloud PCs and you should see the Cloud PC in a Provisioning State. Once this is complete the Cloud PC is ready to be used!