Semi-Annual Channel Windows 10

Semi-Annual Channel Windows 10

  • Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) “SAC-T” = Current Branch
  • Semi-Annual Channel “SAC” = Current Branch for Business

These versions are still exactly the same release of Windows. E.g. 1709 SAC-T is the same as 1709 SAC.

SAC-T is the first release of a build in which admins should create a golden image and deploy to pilot groups in order to ensure valid testing is carried out. This allows administrators to verify the release is stable to deploy broadly to all users.

SAC is the final release which Microsoft state is ready for business and can be broadly deployed.


Should you wait for SAC in an enterprise environment? No. 

You should start deploying SAC-T Immediately to pilots groups (these need to be well defined) in order to test in your own environment. Once testing has been carried out by the Pilot users admins can make their own judgement when to start deploying broadly. There is no need to wait for SAC to be released in order to broadly deploy to users. If you as an admin are comfortable it is ready and has been thoroughly tested then start broadly deploying to your environment



  1. Build Gold image with SAC-T Release
  2. Deploy to Pilot Groups
  3. Deploy Broadly providing Successful Pilot
  4. Plan and prepare for the next release

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