Windows Update for Business Policy in SCCM

Pre-Requisites for Windows Update for Business Policies:

SCCM 1706 or Later
Windows 10 1703 or Later
WSUS Disabled in Client Settings (on Collections you are going to Deploy Wufb Policies)

Steps to Create And Deploy:

In the Config Manager Console navigate to Software Library > Windows 10 Servicing > Windows Update for Business Policies

Click Create Windows Update for Business Policy in the Ribbon at the top

Choose a meaningful name and Description

In the Next Section you have various deferral settings to choose from

Defer Feature Updates:

            Branch Readiness Level

  • Current Branch
  • Current Branch for Business

These updates are OS Upgrades i.e. Windows 10 1607/1703/1709

Current branch is now named “Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted)” and this is the first release of a new feature upgrade.

Current branch for business is now named “Semi-Annual Channel” and this is the “Business Ready Release”. The OS is exactly the same as Current Branch (SAC-T) but is released around 4 months later once it has been deemed ready for business.

Deferral Period in Days

  • You can Choose Between 0-365 Days

There is also an option to pause Feature Updates which can be used if there is a reason to stop the deployment of a new version due to issues.

Defer Quality Updates:

            Deferral Period in Days

  • You can Choose Between 0-30 Days

Quality Updates are the Security and Critical Update patches for Windows which are released every month.

These updates can also be paused if needed.

Related Policies

          Install Updates from Other Microsoft Products

          Include Drivers with Windows Updates

Install Updates from other Microsoft Products can be ticked to also obtain updates for other products i.e. Microsoft Office Patches

Check the settings in the Summary Section and then Click Next and you will have now created a Wufb Policy.

The next Step is to deploy the Policy. Click on the new Wufb Policy you have just created and Select “Deploy Windows Update for Business Policy” from the ribbon at the top

Select the collection of your choice and Set a schedule for compliance evaluation (This checks that the policy is still set correctly on the device) and Click Ok




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